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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These are definitely a family favorite! Make them from home and save your money. So easy, the kids will love to help! #SoNomNom4u #ChocolateCoveredStrawberries #Vegetarian

6 oz (about 1/2 cup) Semi-Sweet Chocolate

3 TBSP Butter

2 TBSP Corn Syrup

About 20 Large Strawberries

Line a large platter with wax paper. Set aside.


In a double boiler or a small pot placed inside a larger pot of water, (make sure water cannot get into smaller pot with chocolate.) add chocolate, butter, and corn syrup. Melt everything together until it is all blended and smooth. Remove from heat. Remove smaller pot from water and pour contents into a small bowl. Place small bowl in a dish of warm water so it remains melted while you work.

Take a strawberry , holding it by the stem, and dip it into the chocolate so the strawberry is about 3/4 coated. Leave an area at the top uncoated. Shake gently to remove extra chocolate and place it on the wax paper lined platter. Repeat until all strawberries are covered. Let chocolate set up about 30 minutes, or 20 if refrigerated. The colder the strawberries are before they are dipped, the faster the chocolate will harden.

Serve cold. Keep refrigerated. Eat within 2 days of dipping for best taste.

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