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Sirloin Tips

These are delicious, easy, and eaten quickly! Sirloin roast is perfect for this amazing meal. These pair deliciously with salad and loaded baked potatoes! A 3-pound roast serves a family of 4 nicely. #sonomnom4u #sirlointips #sirloinrecipes

Sirloin Tip Ingredients:

3 lb sirloin roast

5 cloves fresh,chopped garlic

1 stick of butter

Marinade ingredients:

1 TBSP worcesteshire sauce

1 tsp salt

1 tsp fresh cracked pepper

1 TBSP olive oil

Optional additions:

1 onion

1 cup mushrooms (your choice)

1 TBSP olive oil

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1/2 cup beef broth


First, in a medium bowl, combine marinare ingredients. Cut sirloin roast into small strips (about 1/2" wide by about 1/4" thick). Add cut sirloin to the bowl of marinade and toss to coat meat completely. Cover bowl of coated meat with plastic wrap or foil and refrigerate 30 minutes or more.

In an iron skillet, add a drizzle of oil. Add onion and mushrooms and salt and pepper. Cook onions and/or mushrooms until they are browning a bit and becoming translucent. Add the beef broth and cook until broth completely cooks out. Pour mixture into a bowl and set aside.

Remove meat from refrigerator.

Heat an iron skillet. Ad a drizzle of oil and spread evenly over very hot surface. Add about 6 pieces of meat at a time, keeping them as dry as possible. Cook until brown on each side, flipping them as they brown for a total of about 2 minutes cook time per small batch of 6 pieces.

Remove that small batch and put into a bowl, add about 6 more and repeat. Keep the meat as dry as possible so it browns in the oil nicely. The secret to a tasty sirloin tip is the browning process of the sirloin! You don't want a lot of juice in this cooking process. Keep repeating until all them meat is cooked brown and put into a bowl. They should be medium well so they don't overcook.

When all the meat is in the bowl, heat the iron skillet with the meat residue on the bottom. Add a stick of butter and the chopped garlic. Turn heat to low and melt the butter, while scraping the pan to get the meat residue incorporated into the butter and garlic mixture. Remove from heat and pour over the bowl of steak strips. Toss to coat and serve hot!

The onion and mushrooms can be added and tossed together or served on the side for those who do not like them added.

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