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Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Use this Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to make these delicious Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches! Sweet, chewy cookie meets smooth, creamy ice cream to create the perfect marriage of flavors in your mouth! #sonomnom4u #icecreamcookiesandwich #vegetarian

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich:

2 large, soft chocolate chip cookies or use Chocolate Deluxe Cookies!

1 large scoop of Ice Cream, softened

Chocolate chips, toffee, or sprinkles to roll sides in (mini chips work better)

Place a cookie on a plate. Put a large scoop of softened ice cream on the center of the bottom of a large, soft cooke. Place cookie on top of ice cream, flat side down. Push gently.

Taking a smaller spoon, scoop out more softened ice cream and stuff it into the gaps between the cookies. Ice cream should be even with cookie edge all the way around the cookie.

Eat and enjoy! You can make a bunch of these and place each one in a zipper bag and freeze them individually for a treat on the run! They make great, fast sweet indulgences!

Mix and match! Try chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cookies! or mint ice cream with chocolate chip cookies! Or pistachio ice cream with sugar cookies! Get creative!

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