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Mozzarella Sticks

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Made from scratch--these Mozzarella Sticks will impress and delight your guests/family. They will think you slaved over them, but the reality is--they are so simple! #SoNomNom4u #mozzarellasticks #vegetarian

MozzarellNOM Sticks

Make these from a pack of string cheese and some bread crumbs!

Serve with our delicious red sauce!

1 package of String Cheese sticks (Frigo is our fave) (or cut your own mozzarella sticks!)

1 cup half & half or egg white

2 cups bread crumbs (packaged or USE OUR RECIPE)

You are going to deep fry these. No fryer? No Problem! Just fill a medium pot about 1/3 way with oil. Heat your oil to about 375°F while you are prepping these.

Remove all string cheese sticks from wrappers. Set aside.

pour half & half or egg white into a plate

Fill another plate with bread crumbs.

Grab a cheese stick and roll all around half & half/egg white. Take the wet cheese stick and roll it all around bread crumbs. Roll all around half & half/egg white again and then in breadcrumbs again. Place on plate. Repeat this process until all your cheese sticks are completely coated.

Place about 3 sticks at a time into the hot oil and fry until they are golden. If they start leaking, remove them from oil immediately. Place on cooling rack or paper towels. Serve hot with Red Sauce.

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