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Pan Seared Sea Scallops (Vol. 2)

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

OMG restaurant delicious! Save money, time and trouble by making these delicious scallops at home! They only take a few minutes to make, too! #sonomnom4u #panearedseascallops

1 lb Fresh sea scallops

3 TBSP peanut oil

4 TBSP butter

3 cloves garlic, minced

lemon zest (garnish)

fresh dill (garnish)

Rinse all the scallops and dry them completely.

In an iron skillet, heat 3 TBSP peanut oil. When oil is completely hot, add fresh scallops one at a time, leaving about 2 inches between each scallop on all sides. Cook these in batches if you need to and don't try to fit them all in the pan at once.

Make sure the pan is very hot before adding scallops.

Sear scallops for 2 minutes and turn them one at a time with tongs. The side facing up should be a beautiful browned color. Onve they are all flipped, add butter and garlic to the pan and sear for another 2 minutes, or until the internal temperature of the scallops is at 130°F.

Remove from pan and serve them sizzling hot with drizzled butter from the pan over the top of them and a dash of fresh lemon zest and/or fresh dill on top.

These go great with a side of Tagliatelle aglio e olio, french bread and Italian Salad.

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