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Pasta Dough

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Nothing beats the taste of delicious, fresh pasta! I realize we don't always have time to make our pasta from scratch, but when we do, it sure is a special addition to our meal! #SoNomNom4u #pastadough #vegetarian

Pasta Dough

2 cups All purpose flour

1 tsp salt (I use Himalayan)

3 eggs +2 egg yolks

3 TBSP olive oil

Stand Alone Mixer :

Mix salt and flour ina bowl. Set aside.

Add eggs and olive oil into a stand alone mixer bowl with bread hook attachment in place. Turn on to mix at a 2 speed. slowly add flour mixture and let it run until all flour is cleaned from bowl and there is a ball of dough in the bowl. Turn off mixer and remove dough to a floured surface. Dough should feel pretty sturdy.

Pasta Attachment:

Follow instructions to make whatever pasta you will be making.



pour flour and salt together in a bowl and mix. Make a well in the center and add all eggs and olive oil. Work all ingredients together until thoroughly mixed and a dough ball is formed. When dough is formed, make your pasta.


Take ball of dough and divide in half so you have room to roll it out.

Sprinkle flour on a large clean surface and set down half of your dough.

Roll dough out until it is so thin that you can see your hand behind it but not so thin that there are holes. Cut into the shape you are making. For fettucine and linguine, it is best to roll the dough gently into a tube and cut into strips and unravel each noodle. For ravioli, cut identically sized strips, at least 2" wide (go larger for big ravs) and fill and seal.


When pasta is ready to cook, boil for only 1-4 minutes, depending on the pasta you are making. Angel hair would be 1 minute, spaghetti woud be 2 minutes, linguine, fettucine, and lasagna would be 3 minutes and ravioli would be 4 minutes. Also, you have the power to decide based on your preference. :-)

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