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Roka Burger

This Roka Burger is to DIE FOR! So delicious and creamy you will truly enjoy every decadent bite. Every bite is a delicious party you won't want to leave. That creamy Roka cheese melds with the crunchy bacon. You get the zing of the raw onion with the roasted flavor of the caramelized onions. Give up that boring fast food burger and heighten your bar on flavor with this delicious treat! #RokaBurger #SoNomNom4u

Per burger, you will need:

1 brioche bun

1 TBSP butter, melted

1/3 lb ground sirloin

1 tsp Cash Cow or all purpose seasoning

2 pieces thick cut bacon

2 TBSP Roka Cheese Spread (see Instructions below if you can't find it)

1 slice raw onion

2 slices onion, carmelized

3 TBSP white wine

1 tsp salt

1 TBSP oil

To make the burger:

Take the 1/3 lb ground beef and roll it into a ball.

Smash the ball into a nice perfectly round patty.

Prehead a skillet or a grill and place the patty on the very hot surface. Sprinkle the patty with Cash Cow or all purpose seasoning and cook the burger until it is browned on one side, approximately 3 minutes.

Flip the patty and sprinkle more Cash Cow or all purpose seasoning on the browned side. Let the other side brown for another 3 more so minutes.

Remove from heat when it is browned on both sides.

Cook the burger to your desired temperature (SEE BELOW). Remove from heat and Assemble your burger.


Well Done: 160°F.

Medium Well: 150°F-155°F

Medium: 140°F-145°F

Medium Rare: 130°F-135°F

Rare: 120°F-125°F

To toast bun:

Melt 1 TBSP butter in a pan or griddle. Dip both halves of the bun in themelted butter to coat and place flat side down on the grill or hot pan to toast. Remove bun when golden and crispy on the flat side. Set Aside.

To carmelize onion:

In a small pan, add 1 TBSP oil, 1 tsp salt, and 2 slices of raw onion. Cook until onion becomes browned. Add 3 TBSP white wine and cook until wine reduces and onions are dark and soft. Set Aside

To make Roka Spread if you can't find it:

PER BURGER: Add 2 oz cream cheese, 2 oz blue cheese, 1 tsp lemon juice and a tsp salt in a small food processor or mix with beaters. Scrape out of bowl and set aside.

Burger assembly:

Spread 1 TBSP of Roka spread on the flat side of the top bun and another TBSP Roka spread on the flat side of the bottom bun. Place burger on top of covered bottom bun. On top of the burger, gently spread the carmelized onion. On top of the carmelized onion, place the raw onion slices. On top of the raw onion slices, place the crispy thick cut bacon. Place the Roka covered lid on top of the bacon layer and cut burger in half to view your beautiful creation.

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