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Taco Layer Dip (No Bean)

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Once you eat this version of the Taco Layer Dip, you will never go back to the bean kind! Make every day Taco Tuesday! #SoNomNom4u #tacolayerdip #vegetarian

This is not my recipe...It is my mother-in laws! I did change a couple things HOWEVER--I feel the world needs this recipe! Before I had this version of taco layer dip, I have only eaten the refried bean version! Most of these dips have a layer of refried beans on the bottom. Don't get me wrong--that is delicions, too, but since i had this version, I never made the original one again. Do what you want! You are in charge of your own food! You can alter this recipe any way you'd like! It is quite delicious just like it is, though.

TacNOM Layer Dip

3/4 cup sour cream. I use DAISY® because it is the most real

1 ripened avocado

1 8 oz block of cream cheese, softened

dash of salt

1 TBSP lemon juice

1-1/2 cups salsa (We use Pace Thick and Chunky for this recipe)

1/2 bag shredded iceberg lettuce

1 bunch green onions

1 (6 oz.) can chopped or sliced black olives

1-1/2 cups finely shredded cheddar (I use Cabot® Seriously Sharp white cheddar)

Tortilla chips (sometimes I make my own--See my recipe!)

To make:

Put Avocado, lemon juice, sour cream and cream cheese into a food processor, blender, stand alone mixer or in bowl to beat with hand beaters. Blend it all together until there are no lumps and everything is incorporated into a smooth mixture. Spread the mixture on one HUGE round plate, or 2 regular dinner plates. sprinkle layer with salt.

On top of the cream cheese layer, evenly spread salsa.

add a later of shredded lettuce, a layer of cheese, a layer of black olives, and a layer of green onions. Make sure you evenly distribute each layer before starting on the next layer. Each layer is a different topping.

Serve cold with tortilla chips.


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